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Mak Lib

Mak Lib founded in 1949.

Mak Lib

In Febuary 1959, the library moved to the present premises at a grand opening by the late Queen Mother.


Document Delivery

Delivering articles not available to users or the institution in fulltext. All Research and academic institutions are entitled to this service through Makerere University.

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The library has subscribed to IEEE.

The IEEE Xplore® digital library provides access to IEEE journals, transactions, letters, magazines and conference proceedings, IET journals and conference proceedings, IEEE Standards and IEEE educational courses.  You have access to 3,807,230 items.

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Under Construction

We have photocopying services located in the Africana Section, level 3 old Library building. More Photocopying stations will be set up soon.

We have printing services located in the Research Commons, level 4 New Library building. More Printing stations will be set up soon.

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