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List of journals A-Z available to Makerere University Users.

Acoustical Society of America:                                                    Enables access to all issues of Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA); Back to Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1929
American Institute of Physics AIP publishes 12 journals, 2 magazines, and a conference proceedings series. AIP's Citation platform hosts over 2million articles from more than 200 scholarly publications for 28 earned society publishers.
Subject Strengths: Applied and multidisciplinary physics
 American Physical Society:  
APS provides access to the Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) and ten journals produced by the American Physical Society.

Subject Strength
physics, Atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter and materials physics, Nuclear physics, particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, statistical, non-linear, and soft matter physics, accelerators and beams, and Physics education research
American Chemical Society: ACS provides more than 30 high quality, high impact journals and magazines countrywide for all academic, research and educational libraries within participating countries, in chemistry and related fields.
American Society of Agricultural& Biological Engineers (ASABE), Technical Information Library
ASABE Technical Library includes a range of content including journals, textbook materials, monographs, standards and  proceedings as well as the important reference work-in-progress, Design Topics.

Subject Strength:

Agricultural engineering, Agricultural health and safety, Power and machinery, Soil and water, Food and process engineering, Structures and environment, Information and electrical technologies, Biological engineering, Forest engineering


American Society of Civil Engineers: ASCE Journals Online provides unprecedented access to 30 journals encompassing more than 18,500 full-text papers published  since 1995 - that's over 175,000 pages! Approximately 1500 new papers will be added each year.
 Annual Reviews  Annual Reviews publications operate as a high quality filter, prioritising and synthesising the  primary research literature in 37 different disciplines for the Biomedical, Life, Physical and    Social Sciences. 

The authoritative and comprehensive review articles are written by leading scholars who are  dedicated to helping scientists, students and researchers around the world. 

Animal Health and Production Compendium Full expert datasheets – livestock and poultry breeds, diseases, pathogens, foodborne contaminants and food animal products

Latest Scientific findings – through over 135,000 bibliographic records updated weekly

In depth information – through over 13,000 Library and Full Text journal and conference articles

Acquaculture Compendium Full expert datasheets – On over 1000 cultured species, diseases, production systems, case studies and eco systems. Basic information on over 9000 other species and diseases

Latest Scientific findings – through 80,000 bibliographic records updated weekly

In depth information – through over 850especially selected Library documents and over 3000 Full Text journal and conference articles

Caliber -University of California

Access to 8 Journals of the University of California Press.

Subject Strengths: Area StudiesHistory of ScienceHuman research and BioethicsSociology and Social interaction.


CABI abstracts

Online Current Awareness Database (includes references to journals, books, conference proceeding/papers, reports and  handbooks). Free full text access is available for some items via CABIs Full Text Select database. 


Subject Strengths :

Agriculture, forestry, aspects of human health, human nutrition, animal health, soil science, water supply and management, and the management and conservation of natural resources. Further details are available from the website

For log in, User Name: makerereuniv8 and Password lib79

Crop Protection Compendium The CPC contains over 3400 detailed datasheets on pests, diseases, natural enemies and crops, and basic information on a further 20,000 species. This is supported by the scientific findings with bibliographic records and Full Text Journal and conference articles updated weekly.
Cambridge University Press  This database provides access to over 190 journal titles in Linguistics, Politics, Medicine, Science, Technology, Social Science,  and Humanities. 
Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press)  Provides full text of 16 online peer-reviewed journals in a broad range of scientific disciplines with back file
The Cochrane Library The Cochrane Library is a collection of online searchable databases containing high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision making.
Subject Strengths:
Evidence based medicine, Clinical trials 
 Duke University Press Journals Duke University Press publishes forty five periodicals that span a range of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences.
 EBSCO Host The EBSCO Host Site is a collection of online databases of journals and other learned content. Under the PERI programme, access is  provided to 8 databases (Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, ERIC, Masterfile Premier, Newspaper Source, Health  Source Nursing Academic, Health Source Customer Edition, and MEDLINE), which can be searched individually or in groups by  selection. The EBSCO Host collection is also available on CD-ROMs in the Main Library. Click here for the EBSCO user guide.
Emerald Group Publishing Limited: (EM120) Emerald Management, features 120 Business and Management journals, all of which are peer-reviewed and  fully searchable full text journals plus reviews from the world's top 300 management journals.
Edinburgh University Press                               Edinburgh University Press publishes over 30 journals across a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Subject Strength:

Literary Studies, Philosophy, Historical Studies, African Studies, Linguistics, Film & Media Studies, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, Politics, Law and Scottish Studies.

 Forestry Compendium The FC has comprehensive, worldwide coverage of tropical, subtropical, temperate and boreal tree species of major economic importance. It contains detailed, illustrated datasheets on over 1300 forest trees, 800 forest pests, diseases and weeds, and basic information on a further 19,000 species. This is supported by the latest scientific findings, with bibliographic records and full text journal conference articles updated weekly, and an interactive, multilingual glossary of more than 2000 forestry terms. Search tools include a taxonomy browse function.
 GALE (THOMAS LEARING):  Expanded Academic: Unparalleled in its depth and scope, this premier database offers balanced coverage of every academic subject -- from advertising and microbiology to history and women's studies.

Health and Wellness Resource Centre: provides access to authoritative health and medical information. Password:  weather

 Geological Society  Publishes the most topical and highest quality articles covering the full range of the Earth sciences. The Journal features short communications, interdisciplinary articles and reviews in key areas, and is one of the key titles for researchers in the geosciences.
 HST - Libraries in a Digital Age  Offers online, animated, audio-visual lectures by world leading authorities on library developments in a digital environment for researchers and university faculty members.
  Henry Stewart Talks The Marketing & Management Collection (TMMC) TMMC is specially prepared, online, animated, audio-visual lectures by world leading authorities on topics in marketing and management for researchers and university faculty members.

Subject strengths:  Marketing and Management


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:
IEEE provides full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics. IEEE also contains full text documents from IEEE journals, transactions, magazines, letters, conference proceedings, standards, and IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) publications.

Note: This resource is no longer available to our users; however, users can browse for articles and place Document Delivery requests. Contact address is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and copy to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP)
IOPP offers access to journals in Physics and other related disciplines available in full text.

Subject Strength: Applied physics, Computer science, Condensed matter and materials science, High energy and nuclear physics, Mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematical physics, Measurement science and sensors, Medical and biological sciences, Optical, atomic and molecular physics, Physics education and Plasma physics
International Forestry Review International Forestry Review is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes papers, research notes, and book  reviews on all aspects of forestry and forest research.
 IMF eLibrary The IMF is viewed as one of the world’s most authoritative sources for economic information, analysis and harmonized statistics.  IMF eLibrary provides comprehensive data and original analysis, with coverage of almost every economy in the world and a special focus on developing and emerging economies.
 Jstor JSTOR offers both multidisciplinary and discipline-specific collections. It is an archive of over one thousand leading academic journals  across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work.
Mary Ann Liebert Publishers Offers access to 55 authoritative publications in the most exciting and promising areas of biomedical research, clinical medicine & surgery, and law.
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) Consists of journals and online databases across the life, physical and applied sciences and, most recently, clinical medicine. Content encompasses daily news from award-winning journalists, expert opinion and practical methodology, and more high impact research and reviews. Publishes over 30 journals.
Oxford Scholarship Online:  Provides access to e-books on religion, political science, economics and finance. (Note: other modules are not accessible because they are not subscribed to).
OSA - Optical Society of America Offers optics and photonics journals published by OSA and selected OSA meeting content.
Oxford University Press (OUP) The OUP site offers access to journals in the following subject fields: Art history & Visual culture, Biochemistry & Molecular biology, Biology & Ecology, Communication studies, Computing & Engineering, Economics & Business, Genetics, Geoscience, Health sciences, History, Language studies, Linguistics & Philology, Law, Literary studies, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine, Music, Neurology & Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics, Political science, Psychology & Psychiatry, Religion, Sociology, Social policy, and Social work.
Palgrave Macmillan Journals The site provides access to journals mainly in the social sciences and the humanities. It offers a combined portfolio of   over 70 peer-reviewed e-journals.

Subject Strengths:

Business and management, economics, education, information systems and technology, political science and international studies, social and cultural studies, urban design and architecture.

Project MUSE Project MUSE provides online access to almost 500 full-text journals from 140 non-profit publishers in the    humanities and social sciences.
Policy Press Journals The Policy Press publishes four highly prestigious journals in the fields of public and social policy. Policy Press is a leading specialist social science publisher committed to journals that will have an impact on research, learning, policy and practice at an international level.
Royal Society Journals Comprises of ten leading international journals from the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of  science. Titles cover biological and physical sciences, and include Philosophical Transactions of the Royal,  the world's first science journal.
The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Provides 37 full text journals spanning all branches of chemistry, plus a range of key databases in analytical chemistry, catalysts  and catalysed reactions, organic synthesis and natural products plus its online series of specialist periodical reports, and a range of  key databases.
Royal Society of Chemistry Archive  Provides back files to chemistry journals 
Royal College of Physicians Provides full text access to "Clinical Medicine", It features articles covering original research, current issues, ethics, law, clinical governance and audit, and also reports on prestigious College lectures and conferences.
Sage Publications  Offers 550 journals in the business, humanities, social sciences and science, technology and medicine (STM).

  Subject Strength: Humanities, Social Sciences, Scientific, Technical and Medical 

  Sage Online Journals - IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)  18 journals representing the best in mechanical engineering. Also available is the IMechE Proceedings Archive 1847-1996. Subject strength is Mechanical engineering.
Springer eBooks & Journals Users have access to springer ebooks   below:
a.      eBook Subject Collection/English - Computer Science
2005 - 2010
2014 - 2014

a.      eBook Subject Collection/English - Engineering
2005 - 2010
2014 - 2014
Symposium Journals Symposium Journals is a pioneer in the publication of online-only academic journals, i.e. journals that have no printed.

  Subject Strength:    Education and Learning 

University of Chicago Press The journals present original research in the social sciences, humanities, education, and biological and physical sciences Nearly fifty scholarly journals, many on behalf of some of the world's most prestigious societies, and several that were the first scholarly publications in their respective fields. 
World Bank Africa Development Indicators Africa Development Indicators provides the most comprehensive collection of data on Africa. It contains data for over 1,400 statistical indicators and time series from 1965 for 53 countries. Data include social, economic, financial, natural resources, infrastructure, governance, partnership, and environmental indicators.
 World Bank Global Development Finance database Global Development Finance (GDF) Online offers external debt and financial flow data for over 129 countries that report public and publicly guaranteed debt to the World Bank's Debtor Reporting System. Time series includes over 200 indicators from 1970 through 2017. The database covers external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, and key debt ratios as well as average terms of new commitments, currency composition of long-term debt, debt restructuring, and scheduled debt service projections.
World Bank Global Economic Monitor Global Economic Monitor features up-to-date analysis on global economic conditions, including a daily brief and event-driven focus reports, direct access to high-frequency datasets via Quick Query, forecasts for commodity prices and main macroeconomic indicators for over 130 countries.
World Bank World Development Indicators Online Database World Development Indicators (WDI) Online is the premier Open Access data source on the global economy. It contains statistical data for 854 development indicators and time series data from 1960 for over 200 countries and 18 country groups.
Wiley Online Library STM
Wiley Online Library is a leading international resource for scientific, technical, medical and scholarly content providing access to millions of articles across a wide range of journals. This package provides access to over 800 journals in the Sciences.

Subject strength: Technology and Medicine 





















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