Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  • Silence is to be observed in all public reading areas.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the library. A fine of 5000/= is charged for use of mobile phones within the library.
  • Readers must not take bags, briefcases, paper bags etc. into the library without the permission of the University Librarian. Coats, bags may be left in the cloak room near the entrance of the library at a fee of 100/=
  • Smoking and consumption of food and drinks are forbidden in all parts of the library.
  • The reservation of seats in the public areas of the library is not permitted.
  • No person may borrow books from the library until he or she has signed a library registration card agreeing to abide by the Library regulations.
  • Here and elsewhere the terms “BOOKS” is deemed to cover all types of library materials.
  • A borrower remains responsible for a book as long as the borrowing form remains uncancelled.
  • Borrowing cards are not interchangeable.
  • Loss of library cards should be reported in writing to the University librarian.
  • Academic staff of the University may borrow up to 6 (six) volumes at a time for a period of two weeks or one vacation.
  • Administrative and technical staff of the University may borrow up to 2 (two volumes at a time for a period of two weeks).
  • An external borrower may have up to 2 (two) volumes at any time for a period of six weeks from date of issue.
  • An external borrower may be required upon registration with the library to pay a refundable deposit of $50 for each book borrowed (or its equivalent in Uganda shillings) and a registration fee of $50 for one month, $100 for 3 months, $150 for six months, $300 for 12 months.
  • Students must leave their valid identity cards behind when borrowing reserve books.
  • If a requested book is in use, one reservation may be made on the borrowing form for the next period of loans only. In order not to forfeit this property, the person making the reservation must be at the reserve desk (issue desk) when the book is due back.
  • Books in excess of the stipulated numbers may be borrowed only in special circumstances and by permission of the University Librarian.
  • Books in circulation which are required for the reserved section for ANY OTHER SPECIAL PURPOSE may be recalled at any time regardless of date of issue.
  • Reminders about overdue books will be sent to borrowers twice (i.e. two reminders) at a week’s interval. A third reminder will be in the form of a final letter presuming the book is lost and the reader liable to pay for its replacement.
  • No further loans of any kind will be made to a borrower who has books in his possession which he or she has failed to return in response to a recall notice.
  • A fine of 1000/= a day is payable on overdue until the reader reports that the book is lost.
  • Borrowers and readers are responsible for any book in their charge and will be required to pay the current cost of a book for replacement of lost, damaged or defaced books together with a non-refundable administrative charge of 5000/= to cover the cost of ordering, cataloguing and other processing activities.
  • Fines and charges for lost books will be collected by the Assistants at the Issue Desk and a receipt issued.

Clearance Certificates

Before leaving the University, all students must obtain clearance certificates from the library to be presented to the Academic Registrar’s Department indicating that the reader does not owe the library any books before he/she obtains a transcript. This is done at the Issue Desk of the Library.

For more information Contact:

Mr Sekikome Patrick

Head, Ref & Circulation section at the Information Desk on Ground floor new Library Building Entrance.