Timothy Sentamu

Head ICT


Timothy is a distinguished IT professional renowned for his expertise in driving technological advancements within the sector. Currently serving as the head of the ICT section at Makerere University Library, Timothy brings a wealth of experience cultivated through a diverse career in the United Kingdom’s IT sector.

Timothy’s journey in IT began with a fervent passion for technology, which he cultivated into a successful career spanning various roles in the UK. From web designing to project management, he garnered invaluable experience in implementing cutting-edge solutions in the retail and education sector.

Upon joining Makerere University Library, Timothy embarked on a mission to revolutionize its IT infrastructure and processes. Leveraging his background in IT, he spearheaded initiatives to modernize library digital processes, enhance network connectivity, and streamline information management systems. His efforts have propelled the library into the digital age, ensuring seamless access to academic resources for students and faculty alike.

Beyond his role at Makerere University, Timothy is committed to uplifting humanity. He actively engages in community programs, empowering individuals to reach their potential and drive positive change in their community.

With a proven track record of success and a passion for leveraging technology to enrich educational experiences, Timothy continues to be a driving force in advancing IT capabilities within Makerere University Library and beyond.