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Services for users with special needs began in 2004 when the Makerere University was automating most of its services. The library embarked on developing an information service for students and staff with special needs. Equal opportunity goes as far as opportunities for every person to have the information he or she needs in the right time.

By starting this service, the library has been able provide access to electronic information like journal article and e-books to patrons with special needs including the blind and partially sighted.  A computer lab for special needs patron was set up and through the years it continues to be built for better services as we build for the future.

The computers lab has been equipped with adaptive technology gadgets with speech synthesizer software enabling easy access to information by all. These include computers installed with Job Access with speech (JAWS) and Fusion software, Braille computer keyboards. These help in navigating the computer and also assist in reading electronic materials by the blind.  A Merline Untra CCTU for patrons with partial sightedness is also available helping in magnification and changing light contrast according to individual needs

The lab is also equipped with a braille embosser for braille print with ability to automatically convert normal text to a printout in braille.

Patrons can also now read a physical book or text with a Pearl scanner also added to the equipment in the lab. These means that information from physical books already in the library can be easily accessed.

There is also working lift in the library to ease the movement of users with physical disability.

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