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The Book-Bank system was established in Makerere University in 1990 with an initial book stock of 44,000 from the defunct University Bookshop. The stock has steadily increased and stands at over 221,696 books (November 2003), distributed in all departments, schools and institutes of the University. Departmental Book-Banks are managed at departmental level.

Objectives of the book-bank system:

  • To ensure availability of basic textbooks to students against limited funds.
  • To develop a system capable of sustaining the University education system amidst students’ inability to buy / acquire correct textbooks.
  • To help in the selection and acquisition of books for the University’s departments, schools and Institutes.
  • To promote effective sharing of books / resources among students.
  • To effectively utilize the limited funds allocated for textbooks
  • To develop students ability to handle property loaned to them.

Book-Bank services:

  • The Book Bank system, coordinated from the Main Library provides the following services: -
  • Solicits Book orders from heads of departments.
  • Processes the orders for suppliers; both local and overseas.
  • Receives and processes the new books acquired.
  • Distributes the new processed books to respective departments, schools and institutes.
  • Maintains a database of the acquired books.
  • Carries out annual stocktaking.

Book-Bank Rules and Regulations (as approved by the Senate 88th Meeting, 23.5.1990) - Revised Version

  • Books purchased under the Book Bank scheme are the property of Makerere University.
  • Only Students and Academic Staff of Makerere University are entitled to borrow books from their respective Faculties
  • The Faculty Boards or the Head of Department will determine duration of a loan for a book but that should in no case exceed one semester.
  • A borrower must return a borrowed book within the prescribed loan period.
  • With the exception of certain categories of books in the Book Bank, all books may be borrowed from the Faculty Book Bank by filling in the Borrowing Form. The date and the borrower's name will be entered on the data card. The Book Card will be removed from the book pocket. The signing of the Book card and Borrowing Form constitute the loan.
  • A borrower MUST NOT make any markings on the book or mutilate it in any manner.
  • A borrower remains responsible for a book as long as borrowing records in the Faculty remain un-cancelled. A borrower is not authorized to loan a book to another reader. Borrowed books must be returned to the Faculty Book Bank.
  • The person responsible for the Faculty Book Bank will give only one reminder and a copy pined at the faculty notice board for an overdue loan of a book(s). Therefore, any book lost must be reported immediately.
  • An overdue charge of UG. Shs. 500/= per day calculated from the 1st day after the overdue date will be imposed in addition to an administrative charge of Shs. 2000/= for every book kept beyond permitted time. After 14 days from the overdue date the book will be presumed lost.
  • A borrower who loses a book will be required to pay an administrative charge of Shs. 10,000/= per book and the replacement cost using the prevailing exchange rate.
  • A borrower is not allowed to withhold a borrowed book so that he/she could pay for it. Once a borrower has paid for a lost book and it is discovered in his/her possession, it will be confiscated and DISPLINARY ACTION taken.
  • A borrower who mutilates or defaces a book will be fined Shs. 10,000/= per book or be asked to pay the replacement cost and a fine of Shs. 10,000/= depending on the extent of the damage.
  • No more Book Bank LOANS will be made to a defaulter until he/she has cleared the fines.
  • The Faculty and/or Department Shall WITHHOLD EXAMINATION RESULTS OF A DEFAULTER until he/she has cleared any outstanding debts with the Book Bank. This shall normally be for ONLY ONE Semester thereafter the University will withdraw admission from the defaulter.
  • A defaulting continuing student shall not be allowed to proceed to the next semester until he/she has cleared any outstanding debts with the Book Bank. This shall normally be for ONLY ONE Semester thereafter the University will withdraw admission from the defaulter.
  • A final year student who is a defaulter MUST clear within a period of ONE Semester. After that his/her results will become null and void.
  • The Vice-Chancellor will deal with a defaulter who is a member of staff and who fails to pay the due fines.
  • A defaulter who fails to comply with the above rules SHALL, in addition to the penalties spelt out above, face the University disciplinary action in their respective categories (Students and Staff defaulters).
  • Check Departmental Book-Bank Libraries for details on how to utilize these resources

For more information Contact:

Mrs Agnes Kanzira: Head Bookbank

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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